WTH are Krampus? Words from Organizer Kel McBride



What on earth are Krampus?!? The Krampus are large, hairy, wild beasts with large horns from Alpine folklore that frighten naughty children (and adults) over the holiday season. They’re grunting, grumpy creatures that bare their fangs and sharp claws at children who make mischief – and they are coming back for a third run at Bloomington’s naughty ones. Thankfully St. Nicholas has them under his control so we can all hope they don’t get too carried away. Join us for the Parade at 6p on Madison St from 4th up to Showers Commons, where we will be hosting a winter celebration with arts and crafts, sack races, photography, vending and food from The Big Cheese. An angel will find you and offer you a “naughty” or “nice” sticker. You choose which to wear – the nice get candy and smile, the naughty BEWARE!


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