Winter Ale


When winter arrives in Southern Indiana, the northern arctic chill imposes its will. Winter is also a time to gather with friends and family and enjoy those snowy evenings together. Whether a night at the pub or fun in the snow, we get together to celebrate and look a head to brighter days. A Bloomington Brewing Company, we find it the best time to release our one of a kind, Winter Ale.

Our Winter Ale uses unique ingredients of the season to help warn you on those long nights. Two different types of cinnamon and vanilla welcome you to a medium body followed by a flavorful finish with hints of orange peel and chocolate. Hungarian and Whiskey Oak provide a complexity to compliment the sweeter dimensions of the beer. Our Winter Ale is just the thing to take home in a growler, or enjoyed by the pint at our brewpub.

In addition to the hops and malts listed below, BBC Winter Ale also features these adjuncts: Cocoa Nibs, Orange Peel, Hungarian and Whiskey Oak, Saigon Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean.


Mt. Hood, Tettnanger


Pale, Wheat Munich, Black