What are the best Bloomington Craft Beer Week events?

Bloomington Craft Beer Week

This weekend, we’re celebrating the release of Bloomington Brewing Company’s first-ever production bottles (you can be the first to get Rooftop IPA bottles at Big Red Liquors in downtown Bloomington on Saturday, April 5 at noon.)

But Monday, we’ll continue celebrating  during the annual Bloomington Craft Beer Week (BCBW), which culminates in Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on Saturday, April 12.

There are a lot of great Indiana craft beer events going on during BCBW, so how do you figure out what to do? Check out our brew crew’s recommendations below.

Michael Fox, General Manager–Lennie’s Restaurant and Brewpub / Management Team–Bloomington Brewing Co.

Bloomington Craft Beer Week brings with it the opportunity to experience a variety of craft brews and interesting events; to say that I’m excited about the options is an understatement. Here’s my plan for the week.

My Bloomington Craft Beer Week (BCBW) kicks off on Saturday, April 5th during the inaugural Bloomington Tour de Biere, a cycling tour of Bloomington’s breweries organized by Indiana on Tap. The forecast is calling for a high of 53 and sunny, decent biking weather.

At some point, I plan to slip away from the pack to hit up the Rooftop IPA bottle release party at the Big Red Liquors downtown location from noon to 2 p.m.

All week, the Trojan Horse is serving Rooftop IPA battered fish & chips, served with a bottle of Rooftop IPA. I will stop by at least once to get my Hero’s Club card punched.

Upland Brewing Company is on my schedule for Wednesday so I can check out the big reveal of their new branding.

My Thursday pick is Nick’s for the Cutters Brewing Company tap takeover.

Friday it’s back to Nick’s for the Bloomington Brewing and New Albanian Brewing Company tap takeover, and if time permits, I may swing by the Upland Vinyl Tap Release Party beforehand.

Saturday, after several hours of re-hydrating, it’s off to the beautiful Woolery Stone Mill for Bloomington Craft Beer Fest. The extended forecast is calling for a high of 61; I’ll be riding my bike from downtown via the B-Line and Clear Creek trail systems.

Mike’s Bloomington Craft Beer Week Quick Tips:

Cheers to a fun and safe week!

Jeff Mease, Bloomington Brewing Co. Cofounder

I’ll be in Denver during BCBW with Nick Banks (BBC Assistant Brewer) attending the national Craft Brewers Conference.  7,000 brewers from around the US gather in Denver to learn, taste, collaborate on beer and who knows what ;-).

But we’ll be back just in time for the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival.  This is my favorite beer fest in the state due to the magnificent historic venue, Woolery Mill. And, of course, coming to Bloomington is always anticipated by our craft beer brethren from around Indiana, so there’s always a great energy.

I usually ride my bicycle to the fest from my home downtown, south on the B-line and Clear Creek trails.

BBC’s Carniv-Ale was a big hit last year, and I really enjoyed meeting old friends and testing my skill and luck at the games.

But in the end, it’s all about the great beer from Indiana’s fantastic craft beer community: Indiana brewers are making world class ales, and this event–the first of Indiana’s summer beer fest line-up–is one that I won’t miss.

Mark Cady, Bloomington Brewing Co. Business Manager

BCBW means that I am out in the crowds, in the movement, in the true meaning of craft beer.

I set the events for Bloomington Brewing Co. throughout the week leading up to and including the Btown Craft Beer Fest. Nothing will make me happier than to look out over a crowded upstairs Hoosier Room at Nick’s English Hut during BBC’s tap takeover with New Albanian and see the progress that local, craft beer has made in the Bloomington community.

When I first started at Lennie’s 11 years ago, never did I think I could end up being a part of such a family that is the craft beer community. The hard work of our brewers and assistants truly shows in the product. In few industries can one see the fruits of their labor enjoyed by so many. The impact is enormous, and I am very thankful to be a part of it.

Robin Lasek, Director of Folks, One World Enterprises

Here’s the plan I created last year for Bloomington Craft Beer Fest for a large group of my friends:

  • Take vitamin B12 all week prior. You paid money for your ticket, you want to get your money’s worth, and beer can deplete the system in these situations.
  • Drink LOTS of water the day before (see above).
  • Make some pretzel necklaces with a long, heavy piece of yarn or a shoelace, string pretzels on it, tie it off, and place it around your neck for feasting at the fest. And make one for a friend!
  • Get some good rest the night before.
  • Have a breakfast full of protein.
  • Get some Pizza X  for lunch prior to leaving–or grab something at the Fest.
  • Wear a hat or a shirt that’s bright or has a unique pattern so your friends can see you. There will be a lot of people there!
  • Fanny packs are weird, but a small backpack is good for swag and carrying water.
  • HIRE A DRIVER and create a rendezvous point for your group to meet–this is critical.
  • Have fun and keep checking in with each other to learn about the best parts of the Fest.
  • The next morning, polish it all off with some good, greasy eggs and potatoes and a fountain Coca-Cola.

Bloomington Craft Beer Fest 2014

 Now it’s your turn: Leave a comment to us know which events you aren’t missing during BCBW!

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