FeastMaster 80 Shilling Ale (BBC/New Albanian collaboration)


FeastMaster is the second round of the BBC/New Albanian Brewing Co. collaboration of beers. This beer is named after Feast, the BBQ/bourbon/craft beer establishment in New Albany, Indiana. When BBC and NABC decided to join forces to create some great beer, we dined at feast.

We broke the collaboration up into two brews. The first one, a Scotch Ale, was brewed down at New Albanian’s facility at the Pizzeria and Public House. Look for this beer soon.

For the BBC side of the collaboration, we used the same yeast as the Scotch Ale and brewed at our Bloomington brew house on 10th Street.

FeastMaster is a Scottish 80 Shilling Ale. Known for being lighter in body and alcohol than the heavier Scotch Ale, this version is certainly not light on flavor. Sweet smells of honey and dried cherry lead into a smooth, light-medium bodied ale. Flavors of malt run over any bitterness, but subtle, earthy hops are present. A dash of smoke finishes wonderfully dry in this sessionable yet flavorful ale.

We, along with our great friends at NABC, had a blast brewing these beers. We hope you have fun with your friends and family while enjoying our creation. Cheers!


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