Celebrate American Craft Beer Week with free hops, a special 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat and more

American Craft Beer Week 2014

Happy American Craft Beer Week! We celebrated Bloomington Craft Beer Week a few weeks ago and are pleased that it’s already time to honor our love of craft beer again.

Organized by the Brewers Association and the publishers Craftbeer.com, ACBW runs from May 12th-18th, and we at Bloomington Brewing Co. are celebrating on Thursday with special hops, unique beer and good friends.

I never had a true understanding of craft beer until I had my first Ruby Bloom Amber. Unlike other beers I’d had, she was smooth, full of flavor, sweet throughout and not harsh afterwards. She became my first beer love. And for that I will never forget her.

As Business Manager of Bloomington Brewing Company, I celebrate all the wonderful creations that Floyd, Nick and the rest of the BBC crew produce on a daily basis. But for the rest of the craft beer drinking public who can’t celebrate daily, there is American Craft Beer Week.

It’s a time for us to come together as a community and appreciate the hard work, dedication and craftsmanship that goes in to each pint we toast with, each sip we laugh over a great story with, and each growler we take home after a long day in the yard.

I can think of no greater profession than brewing to see the fruits of one’s labor. We marvel as we look out from the brewery and see our friends at the bar drink a pint, share a good time, and smile with the beers we’ve created in their hands.

With all beer lovers in mind, Bloomington Brewing Company will celebrate ACBW in style with our open house on Thursday, May 15th.

From 4-6 p.m., we w’ll have all sorts of goodness for the craft beer enthusiast, the homebrewer, the knowledge seeker and everyone in between.

Our brewer, Nick Banks, will be on hand with his hop Randall (which we lovingly refer to as the Hop Rocket). Nick will pour samples of 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat running through a filter bed of grilled pineapple and white chocolate.

For the home brewer in you, we’re giving out free 1 oz. samples of Mosaic hops, which we use exclusively in 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat Ale.

If you’re hungry, Lennie’s Chef Fred Manion will have a special menu tailored to some of our favorite beers.

And the crew will be on hand to give tours so you can check out our original 10th Street brewery (which I’ve dubbed “The Sub” due to its tight spaces).

We love beer. And we love to celebrate beer every day. But thanks to American Craft Beer Week, we have another good excuse to party with all of our friends. So come and join us as we toast to the great fermented beverage we call craft beer. Cheers!

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