Bloomington and Black Acre Collaborate on BABBC Roggenbier

Black Acre and Bloomington Brewing's BABBC Roggenbier

Today Bloomington Brewing Co. and Black Acre Brewing Co. are proud to tap a special collaboration beer: BABBC Roggenbier. This German specialty ale is well known for its predominant use of malted rye. Brewers from both Bloomington Brewing Co. and Black Acre contributed to the formulation of this special single batch of ale.

Bloomington Brew and Black Acre working together on BABBC Roggenbier

BBC and Black Acre working together on BABBC Roggenbier.

BABBC Roggenbier brewing

Fine Ingredients for a Fine Ale

BABBC Roggenbier was brewed with 51%  imported German malted rye, with the balance of the grain bill including several varieties of malted barley and a small amount of wheat.

The beer was fermented by a hefeweizen yeast strain, and hopped with a mixture of German and American hops.

BABBC Roggenbier delivers an unusual flavor complexity: medium-bodied with a bready, malty aroma up front, then chocolate and banana bread, finishing with a wonderful bitter bite  from the rye and hops.

The Black Acre Brewing Co. team at Bloomington Brewing Co.

Go Team!

This classic German specialty ale is testament to the vast flavor possibilities of craft beer limited only by the minds of great breweries–or, in this case, two of them.

Collaborations are becoming popular in the brewing craft as small brewers, often collaborative by nature, look to experiment with new and interesting flavors. Bringing the fermented minds from two different teams of brewers on a collaboration project can yield uncanny results.

Where You Can Find BABBC Roggenbier

BABBC Roggenbier will be available on draught and engine-pull at the Bloomington Brewpub at Lennie’s and on draught in the Black Acre Brewing Co. Taproom, located in the historic Irvington district of Indianapolis at 5632 E. Washington St.

BABBC Roggenbier Details

ABV: 4.9%

IBU: 15

Malts: Caramunich, Red Wheat, Munich, Carafa II, Carafa Special, Amber, Pilzen, Rye

Hops: Tettnanger, Chinook, Cascade

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