Life without labor is guilt. Labor without art is brutality.

—John Rusgan

There is a nearly infinite variety of ways to make good beer. At the Bloomington Brewing Company, we make beers that we like to drink. That’s the first rule. Great ingredients and attention to detail is the second. Our goal is not to grow a large brewery operation; our intention is to make great beer that we like to drink–and to take care of our community.

We make ales available on draft in Bloomington, Indianapolis, and the surrounding Indiana communities. And we now bottle our beers, available across Indiana. Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Twitter to get updates on which brews are available where, and sign up for our email at the bottom of the page.

Beer With Character

Our beers are full of what nature chooses to create (with a little help from our brewers) through her Single Celled Fermentation Agents: Yeast. Yeast, plus the best malted barleys, hop flowers and filtered water from the limestone aquifers of Southern Indiana, are our primary ingredients.

We don’t take shortcuts. And we don’t filter our beers. Filters strip beer of complexity and flavor but they are used almost invariably to push beer to market quickly. Ales with complexity, richness of flavor and appearance are best achieved through exacting attention to detail, premium ingredients and time.

There’s usually no reading the newspaper through our beers–they’re brewed and fermented as nature intended, and that‘s the way we like it. See if you don’t discover a depth of flavor in our beers that is often lacking in others. At BBC, We Are Craft.

The Team

Jeff Mease, Cofounder

“I love beer, but I didn’t come to the brewing industry so much through a love for beer as a love of LOCAL. Producing great beer, full of personality and flavor, is not the province of a few. Why shouldn’t each community have its own brewery? We love being Bloomington’s brewery.”

Jeff has lived in Bloomington since 1980 and entered the business world at the youthful age of 20. He and his partner, Lennie, founded Pizza X (then Pizza Express) and went on to create Lennie’s, Bloomington Brewing Company (in 1994), and One World Catering & Events.

In his free time Jeff loves traveling, gardening, biking and watching his large heritage Black Hogs and herd of Asian Water Buffalo at Loesch Farm.

Nick Banks, Head Brewer

Prior to working at BBC, Nick was an avid home brewer. In addition to ensuring that mainstays such as Ruby Bloom Amber, Rooftop IPA, and Quarrymen Pale Ale are as good as they can possibly be, Nick adds his talents to the team by creating brews such as Seven Sips Belgian Strong Ale.


Prior to alcohol prohibition in the US from 1919 to 1933, small, locally owned and operated breweries were the norm, but prohibition and industry consolidation driven by the advent of inexpensive refrigeration and transport and the growing economic and political power of the large corporate brewers saw local breweries disappear, along with many of the regional breweries.

The 21st Amendment to the US Constitution, which ended prohibition also legalized wine making, but perhaps inadvertently (or not) did not legalize the home brewing of beer. Thus many would be professional brewers never became home brewers and as the instance of local brewies faded, so did the craft of brewing generally.

Home brewing remained illegal until US law changed in 1978 and was signed by Jimmy Carter State laws, which largely control the business of brewing, generally had restrictions which did not allow for brewpubs (restaurants which produced their own beer and sold it on premise). Most states also had prohibitions against brewers selling directly to the public or direction to retailer, demanding that those sales be made instead to a licensed wholesaler (credit eldon). For half a century these rules made if difficult and often impossible for entrepreneurs to birth and grow new breweries across the United States.

In the early 1980’s, beginning in California, laws such as these were recognized for their inequity and became subject to reform. BBC Founder Jeff Mease worked closely with Indiana legislators Mark Kruzan and Vi Simpson in the early 1990’s to change the law in Indiana. That successful change in state law has led, to about 50 operating small breweries in the State of Indiana, each of them creating jobs and vibrancy in their communities.

Bloomington Brewery Tours

We’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to tour our Bloomington brewery. To make an appointment, simply contact us.

Bloomington Brewing Co. Supports the Community

We believe in Bloomington and the surrounding community and do what we can to help it grow by supporting organizations like these below. If you’d like to learn about how we can help your cause, contact us.